Russian Virgin Hair Extensions

CM Hair, a premier brand in the world of hair extensions has created its niche as one of the hair care salons using natural human hair for doing extensions. Our dedicated teams of experts focus astutely on selecting and sourcing some of the best quality Russian Virgin Hair that is 100% natural.

We Know What Our Clients Want

Our specialists and hair stylists do in-depth specialization in formulating hair extensions that are customized and tailored to suit the requirements of different clients. Specializing in doing natural hair extensions, the specialists at CM Hair ensure to offer the best services with long lasting and effective results. We are perfectly aware why more people, especially the ones in the glamour industry prefer to get Russian Virgin Hair Extensions done for special occasions. Being the finest among the natural human hair types, Russian Hair is just splendidly soft and silky. We at CM Hair ensure that our Russian Hair Extensions are 100% natural hair, which is not altered or modified chemically. We at CM Hair, specialize in doing exclusive Russian Hair Extensions using Micro Ring technology.

We Use Micro Ring Technology for Russian Hair Extensions

The Micro Ring is also known as micro bead. The best part about using micro ring is that we can do the extensions speedily and this saves a lot of time for our clients. The specialists at CM Hair, ensure complete safety of the clients by using the micro ring technology. This is the least damaging and highly painless process and the best part is that there is no usage of glue, heat, chemicals or bonding. The Micro Ring Hair Extensions technology can be done for any type and every type of hair and this means that whatever type of hair you have, you need not worry once you have booked with CM Hair. Also known as loop or easy ring extensions, the micro ring extensions process also helps ensures that the quality of the hair used for your extensions is perfectly maintained.

Why We Suggest Micro Ring Hair Extensions for Russian Hair Extensions?

The micro ring technique is a highly safe technique which causes the least amount of damage to your original hair and the hair used for the extensions . Also adding to its popularity is, it’s appearance. You can just get the extensions done through the micro ring process and forget about them and we guarantee that no one would know the secret behind your stunning and gorgeous hair. You can treat and manage your Micro Ring Hair Extensions in the same manner as you deal with your normal hair. You can easily colour them and even blow-dry them. You need not worry about any damage. We ensure top quality micro ring extensions that would last for a substantial period.


Why Our Clients Love Russian Hair Extensions?

Russian Hair Extensions

Russian virgin hair, considered the finest among natural hair types is available in ponytail forms, packed and ready to use. We specialize in sourcing some of the best Russian virgin hair types and our specialists ensure to maintain a strict no compromise policy in terms of selection of hair types for extensions. Russian hair tresses are lighter in shades and you can dye it to get the desired colour. Additionally, the Russian hair type supports perms and other hair styling options while lasting for almost a year.