Micro Ring Hair Extensions

There are many hair extension techniques available in the hair industry today such as sewing, braids, using heat, using adhesives and fusing, but the micro ring method is a more advanced and safer technique and is much more sought after. Micro Ring Hair Extensions are sometimes known as Loop or Easy Ring Extensions.

This remarkable technique has increasingly become popular and is highly favoured by celebrities. It provides a natural look that almost makes you forget that you have hair extensions on. Micro Ring Hair Extensions can be treated the same way as you would treat your normal hair, such as colouring or blow-drying.

Micro Ring Hair Extensions are the safest and most unnoticeable hair extensions method available. There is no glue, no heat or chemicals needed for Micro Ring Hair Extensions which means there is no damage to your natural hair therefore your hair will continue to grow naturally. Micro Rings are used to hold the pre-bonded hair extension securely but gently to your natural hair. Micro Rings are tiny rings that are lined with silicone to protect your natural hair and to prevent slippage. A full head of extensions can normally be fitted in just 2-3 hours using this method. Micro Rings are suitable for all hair textures from fine to thick hair. This method is very reliable, very popular and also allows you to add highlights and lowlights.

As our Micro Rings are so small, coloured to blend in with your natural hair and applied in a way that they are so discreet and unnoticeable, you will look and feel completely natural.

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Micro Ring Hair Extensions can also be coloured, straightened, curled and are remarkably easy to care for. They can also easily be removed or repositioned by your stylist without the need of any chemicals. Repositioning will depend on how fast your natural hair grows but is normally required approximately every 3 months. Having Micro Ring Hair Extensions has other added benefits such as the financial aspect. Micro Ring Russian Virgin Hair Extensions can be repositioned time and time again and will last up to 1 year with proper care and maintenance making this technique quite affordable, cost-effective and less hassle compared to other hair extension techniques.