After Care

Before Washing

Brush your hair and remove any tangles.

Washing Your Hair Extensions


Wash your Hair Extensions only 2-3 times a week.
Only use shampoo and conditioning products recommended by your stylist.
Always wash your Hair Extensions with your head upright.
Do not apply conditioner to the Hair Extension bonds as this will cause slippage.
Do not vigorously rub the Hair Extensions, instead use a stroking motion.

Styling Your Hair Extensions


When brushing, use a brush recommended by your stylist.
Remember your Extensions are attached to your natural hair so do not pull too hard or mistreat your Extensions.
When brushing the Extensions always hold the bonds, so there is no stress put on the hair.
Straightening Irons and Heater Rollers can be used.
As the hair is 100% Human, it can be coloured, but we recommend you test the colour on a few strands first to make sure the resulting shade is what you anticipate.
You can get your roots re-touched, but avoid the Extension bonds.


Wear a cap when swimming or keep your Hair Extensions out of the water as the chlorine can cause your Extensions to tangle and matt.


Never sleep with wet hair. Make sure your hair is completely dry before you go sleep.
Plait your hair before you go sleep.